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BotPegs the worlds only AI driven 3D animation property

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About US

BotPegs is the first 3D animation property to use artificial intelligence in a variety of ways. Our number one goal is to make a platform for users to come and create their own 3D animations using the BotPeg property. This journey has allowed the founders to meet interesting people and expand the BotPegs brand to many other places IE: retail products, animation shorts, AI education tutorials, BotPegs animated Series and even a blockchain game called GuitarFling.

We are a small team of developers who started this project as a hobby and copyright our main BotPegs characters. ABV AI Blockchain Ventures LLC owns the IP and is available for long term partnerships. As our technology grows we will continue to release AI modules that automate 3D animation and the goal is to help other artist use their own 3D property in our platform. Telling stories is a beautiful thing. Why not let AI assist in the mundane day to day processes? This will revolutionize many industries including but not limited to educational tutorials and entertainment.

Artificial intelligence is on a trajectory unlike any other technology that has ever existed. BotPegs is proud to state we are the first to architect AI successfully in 3D animation. Please sign up for our newsletter as we continue to push technology forward.

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